I would love to meet your guild over Zoom! My hour-long lectures include a slideshow and time for questions and discussion. The slideshow format allows me to share more detailed views of quilts.

I also have limited availability for in-person presentations in and around Central Iowa. Contact me for more information.

Stumbling Into Quilting

Every quilter has a story. Discover my own 30-year adventure from Physics student to quilt pattern designer, with a few detours along the way. I’ll share how I discovered quilting and how it became a core part of my life as I finally figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up: a quilter! As I share my story, you will see photos of quilts that inspired me, and see the progression of my own work and style through the years.

Make it Your Own

How do you take a pattern and create a quilt that is uniquely yours? Using my own quilt designs, we will explore how different choices alter the look and feel of a quilt. Backgrounds, borders, bindings and backs are often considered secondary to the block designs, but they have a significant impact on the finished quilt. I’ll share tips on fabric selection as well as ways to tweak a pattern and even mix and match elements from different patterns. Let’s learn to look at those patterns with new eyes!

There’s More Than One Way to Quilt a Quilt!

Longarm quilting has become hugely popular but owning a longarm machine or sending quilts out to someone who has one is not always in the budget. Using quilts from my collection, we’ll explore the alternatives, from tying to ruler work on a domestic machine, discussing pros and cons of different methods. You’ll see how I used different techniques to quilt a variety of quilts. We’ll also discuss strategies to decide what to quilt, and how much to quilt. Let’s get those tops quilted!

Please email Joanne Kerton with any questions or to book your event.


All the Details

1hr Lecture and Slide Presentation plus Q&A - $250 US

Joanne is happy to chat before the lecture. Each presentation also includes time for Q & A.

Joanne will offer special sales from her website to guild members good for that day only.

Who will host the Zoom event?

•Guild will host on their zoom account unless agreed otherwise.

•Guild is responsible for sending link to members, being careful not to post the link to public forums or to non-guild members.

•The guild will designate an attendee to help participants with access issues.

•Joanne is not responsible for Guild member’s internet access and connectivity issues.

•If more than 100 people are to attend and Joanne's Zoom account will be used, the guild will pay an added $50.

Sharing with another guild

Combined lectures/programs with another guild are encouraged for guilds under 50 members for up to 150 attendees. Both under-50 guilds may split the combined cost equally but both must sign the contract and designate one guild as the “lead guild for all technical, payment, and communication purposes.


Payment is in US dollars and is by check or Paypal, due on the day of the event.


If the lecture/workshop is cancelled due to illness, accident, act of God or unavoidable circumstances occur we will make every effort to reschedule. If technological difficulties occur such as power outages or equipment failure, we will attempt to reschedule if possible.