Pattern Corrections

Thank you for using a Canuck Quilter Designs pattern.

Despite my efforts and those of my testers and proofreaders, errors can slip through. Thank you for understanding. Patterns with corrections are listed alphabetically below. Click on the arrows for details.


  • Subsection 9(c) will measure 13" x 5 1/2"

  • Section 9 will measure 28" x 20 1/2"

Updated 05/28/2020

Cosmic Cloud

  • On page 4, under Block 4(B4), square F is a Fabric 4 square, not a background square as originally listed. The diagram is correct.

Updated 12/23/2022

Eclipse Sky

The finished length of the quilt is 71.5", not 62" as stated on the cover and in the pattern. The difference affects the amount of batting required, the backing size, and the length of the binding:

  • Batting: 60" x 76"

  • Backing: 3 3/4 yards (the previously stated 3 1/2 yards will work but be a little bit less forgiving when loading the quilt on a longarm machine)

  • On page 8, disregard the stated size of the backing. Simply piece the two lengths along a long side.

  • On page 8, the required length of double fold binding should read 266".

Please note that while viewing the eclipse in August 2017 directly through eclipse glasses, we saw the phases exactly in the order and orientation pictured in the quilt. Depending on the optics of various viewing methods (for example some telescopes, pinhole viewing) the image you saw may have been flipped.

Updated on 10/13/2017

Focus Squared

Pressing instructions were inadvertently omitted.

Page 5

  • Focus Block - Step 1: press toward B.

  • Focus Block - Step 4: press toward C.

  • Sashing Unit - Step 1: press away from center strip.

Page 6

  • Assemble Quilt Center - Step 2: press toward focus block.

  • Assemble Quilt Center - Step 4: press toward F.

Page 7

  • Press toward block rows.

Page 8

  • when adding borders, press toward new border.

Geese Across the Table

  • Binding fabric required: 1 yard of fabric to cut 14 strips instead of 12 strips.

  • Batting required: 45" x 65"

Updated on 12/06/2019


  • On page 7, in Step 3 of Prepare Cornerstone Shadow, replace "16-patch block" with "Cornerstone block".

Updated on 06/22/2022

Modern Lace

  • On page 3, the size of Unit L is different in the table and the diagram. Unit L is listed as 12 3/4" in the table but 12 1/2" in the boxed diagram. Either measurement will work. The pieced triangle that uses this unit is trimmed to size on page 4.

  • On page 3, the caption for the Unit N diagram has been corrected to label it N instead of E. The scaling of the Unit N diagram has been corrected to reflect the square dimensions of the unit.

Updated 11/15/2021

Party Crackers

  • At the bottom of page 4, the caption listing how many blocks to make with each fabric was incorrect. Make 4 blocks each with Fabrics 4 and 5.

Updated 09/02/2022


  • Background fabric required for Twin size quilt is 5 3/4 yards.

Updated 05/04/2022

Stellar Breeze

In copies printed before May 26, 2021, there is a correction to the yardage and cutting for the queen size. Unit counts for the king size were also incorrect, but did not affect cutting or yardage. Corrections are listed below:

Queen size

Page 1

Background fabric amount: 7 yards

Page 6 (cutting chart):

•Cut (22) 2 ½” x WOF strips, then from the strips, cut (352) 2 ½” squares E

King size

Page 8

•Make 62 pairs of HST (124 total)

•Make 124 Unit 1

Page 9

•Make 124 Block corners

•Make 42 Block centers

Page 10

•Make 168 Triangle-in-a-square units

Page 11

•Make 58 Row 1

•Make 42 Row 2

•Make 18 Row 3

Page 12

•Make 20 Block 1

•Make 18 Block 2

String of Diamonds

Cut size of squares A should be 3 3/8".

Updated March 2013

Snowflake Blocks

In the cutting table for Snowflake 2, version 2, the last row should not be shaded. Patches A10 and B10 should be cut from snowflake fabric, not from background fabric.

Updated on 12/27/2020

Wandering Geese

On page 4, under "Assemble quilt sections", the measurement for Section 2 should be 12 1/2" x 6 1/2"

Updated 12/20/2022